"I'm In The Faith Of My Life"

We Survived...


The Faith movement "I’m in the Faith of my Life" was birthed from my transition from pain to purpose.

I love God with my whole heart and I am honored to carry the anointing that He’s gifted me with. Yet, in 2014, I entered a season of brokenness, that resulted in an incomprehensible amount of rejection and pain. It was the beginning of the transition from pain to purpose. 

During that year I experienced so many trials and tribulations. While going through one of the worst years of my life, I failed to remember that God alone was my source. In the middle of the many emotions I was experiencing, I realized I was angry. I was mad at God!! “God how did this happen?” my heart cried. “Why? Why didn’t you allow me to see THIS, when my discernment is keen concerning everything else?”

At the time I didn’t realize it, but like Job, God had entrusted me with trials, but  I failed Him. Months of brokenness followed, until I grew tired of the place I was in. Have you ever been tired of your situation and cried out, I WANT MORE!? I remember coming to myself, and my first response was repentance. From the depths of my heart I cried “God forgive me for idolizing my circumstances. I magnified my situation more than you Lord! I let you down! Give me another chance! Give me a chance to prove myself to you, and redeem myself with you. I want to show you that I will never allow anything to get me off track like that again. Lord, I want to show you my FAITH!” From that moment forward, I made a decision to live in the FAITH of my life.

In his faithfulness, God honored my requests, but in a very unexpected way. On the morning of June 10, 2015; I was enjoying a typical day, servicing my clients at the salon. I received a phone call from my son that changed my life forever. “Mama! James got shot!” In shock, my response was “What?!” to which my son had to repeat the same devastating news. Everything stopped and I immediately called out to Jesus. I ran across the hall to ask another stylist to finish serving my clients, and I left. I left in a rush, driving myself to our city’s trauma center with no details and several questions.

When I arrived at the hospital I learned that my husband had been shot. During a routine sales transaction of tennis shoes, he was a victim of a robbery. Three young men decided to rob him instead of paying for the tennis shoes. My husband wrestled with one of the young men and then there was one single shot. The bullet entered through his shoulder shattering every bone in its path. From there, it traveled through his lung, piercing it six times. The bullet then shattered his rib, traveled through his gall bladder, and then his intestines. One bullet, thirteen internal wounds.

After hours in surgery, the report was that he may never breathe on his own. Doctors said that he may never be able to lift his arm above his head. I knew that my husband’s situation was an answer to my request to God for redemption. I knew that this was the opportunity to respond in faith.

I trusted God through my husband’s entire recovery and God healed my husband completely in three months. My husband is a walking miracle and together, our faith is on 10! God showed himself faithful to us, so we were determined to be faithful to Him.

From that time forward, my life declaration has been “I’m in the Faith of my life” One day in my personal time with God, He told me to put this new declaration on a t-shirt. The reason was so that others who had failed God like I had, could stand in faith, and experience a comeback in relationship with Him. 

Whatever your specific situation, we would love for you to be a part of this powerful movement of faith because we know that God is able to all things but fail.

Join us!! Get your t-shirt today!! We are in the Faith of our lives!!